33rd Annual Tri-Cities Marathon

Runners from across the Northwest ran the 33rd annual Tri-Cities Marathon on Sunday.

Over 500 people ran the 26.2 mile course that included all three of the Tri-Cities.

Anout half of those people were on relay teams.

The course began at the Red Lion Hotel in Richland, crosses the I-182 bridege over the Columbia, then along the river and across the Blue Bridge into Kennewick, then across the Cable Bridge back into Pasco, then along the river back to Richland.

The Race is a qualifyer for the Boston Marathon.

Jacob Puzey of Hermiston, Oregon, was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 2 hours and 36 minutes.

"It's a beautiful course and it's nice to participate in local events.  It was pretty neat that the marathon incorporates so many sections of the trail that shorter races in the Tri-Cities cover so I've run just about every section of the trail."

Race organizers hope to have more runners in the future, and add that no one from the Tri-Cities has ever WON the marathon.

The second place finisher was from Eugene, Oregon.  Third place was from Spokane Valley.