KFD: Apt. Fire Likely an Accident

<p>Apt. Fire</p>

Apt. Fire

The Kennewick Fire Department said an apartment fire that left two families displaced was likely an accident.

It started around 7 p.m. last night on the deck of a four-plex near the corner of Canal Dr, and Cleveland St. in Kennewick.

Kennewick firefighters said the fire was probably an accident.

They think it started with some sort of smoking material, possibly a cigarrette that was left on the deck about an hour before the fire started.

Firefighters were able knock down the flames before they spread inside.

They say the two apartments on the ground floor are fine, and there is some water and smoke damage to the upstairs units.

The Benton- Franklin Red Cross is helping the two families who are now staying in a nearby hotel.