Steps to Take for a Safe and Fun Halloween

<p>Halloween Safety</p>

Halloween Safety

Tomorrow is Halloween and in just about 24 hours, trick-or-treaters will be filling the streets.

We wanted to share some Halloween safety tips that not only local law enforcement but parents just like you have to offer.

One of the best parts about Halloween is getting all those tasty treats, but with that, comes some concern.

"Bad candy, that's always been a concern," said Dustins Berends, a father of two young boys. "I check the candy whenever we get done and make sure there are no tears. If it's cut open then we throw it away."

"I let my dad look at it before I eat it," said Tristan, Berends' son.

Other parents said being safe is all about timing.

"We actually try to go early, we try to go out too late because it seems like a lot of the older kids go and it just seems a little unsafe later," Megan Vanhollebeeke, who plans to take her children trick-or-treating tomorrow. 

And another tip, sticking together.

"We keep everyone as a group together, we make sure everyone stays on the sidewalks, nobody's allowed to cross the street without the parents," said Vanhollebeeke.

Local police officers also offer some tips for families to have a safe and happy holiday tomorrow tomorrow.

Like waiting to eat your candy, staying with an adult, not talking to strangers and wearing bright colored clothing for cars to be able see you.

We did our own little test to see how long it would take a driver to see a trick-or treater crossing the street while I was dressed in all black, it took the driver about 8 seconds before he could spot me.

By wearing an orange jacket, the driver was able to see me, simulating a trick-or-treater, in roughly 4 seconds, cutting the time in half.

Little Tristan has some last minute advice for kids out there.

"Don't run out in the streets and don't go by strangers," said Tristan. 

Some people suggest heading to downtown Kennewick where businesses are handing out candy on the Parkade tomorrow afternoon.

There are also a number of local churches who also have events and hand out candy.