Kittitas Home Featured in Macklemore Music Video

<p>White Walls Music Video</p>

White Walls Music Video

A Kittitas family opens up their property to one of the top rap artists in the country.

A scene from Macklemore's newest music video, "White Walls," was shot at Ron and Teresa Bridenback's home a few weeks ago.

The Bridenbacks say they were asked by the artist and his group to shoot at the entrance to the home in order to help fit the "rural look" they were looking for in the video.

Following the shoot, the Bridenback's son says the family had dinner with Macklemore and spent some time getting to know him.

"He even told dad, our whole family was sitting around a campfire barbecuing and stuff, he says 'man, this reminds me of my house, and my parents, and stuff like that,'" said Thomas Bidenback, "I think it was pretty cool he was able to come to a rural place like this."

"White Walls" was released earlier this week, it's the fourth single off his album "The Heist."