Make A Wish Sends Kennewick Girl to Disney World

<p>Make A Wish</p>

Make A Wish

The Make A Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington is giving one Kennewick girl a chance to be her favorite Disney character, Peter Pan.

5-year-old Teagan Maxwell is battling a life threatening heart condition and Make A Wish wanted to give her a special gift, a treasure hunt leading travel details for Disney World.

When she woke up this morning, Teagan found a Peter Pan costume laying next to her bed, she quickly put it on and rushed out the door to look for a fairy.

Tinkerbell arrived on the back of a white limousine ready to take Teagan to the hunt's first location.

"We're going to the airport in a limo!" said Teagan.

Teagan arrived at Bergstrom Aircraft where a helicopter and fairy dust await her and they take off in search for the treasure.

Teagan's mother who is also a Make A Wish volunteer said it's nice to be on the foundations receiving end.

"This is awesome, it means everything to us, we never imagined we'd be here with Teagan," said Susie Maxwell, Teagan mother. "After everything she has been through this is such an awesome way to celebrate as a family, to just have a week where we worry about nothing medical."

Teagan was born with a life threatening heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, that causes the side of her heart that pumps blood to the entire body to not function properly

Teagan has already endured two open heart surgeries and is scheduled for another one next summer.

Teagan's father says it's his job to protect his little girl.

"I feel that's the true role of a father to absorb all the emotion for the family and try and keep everybody propped up," said Trent Maxwell, Teagan's father.

After her helicopter ride, Teagan went to Chuck-E-Cheese and received the key to the treasure chest that had travel information for Disney World along with other little goodies.

 Teagan and the Maxwell family will head to Orlando, Florida next month to meet the real Peter Pan at Disney World.