Kennewick Murder Case Goes to Jury

<p>Grant Scantling</p>

Grant Scantling

The fate of a man accused of killing his ex-fiance's roommate in Kennewick is now in the hands of a Benton County jury.

During closing statements this afternoon, prosecutors argued that Grant Scantling is guilty of first degree aggravated murder.

They say the morning of March 22, 2013, Scantling broke into his ex-fiance's duplex on East 8th Place and shot and killed Franklin Palmer, who was staying there.

Defense attorneys admitted Scantling is guilty, but not of first degree murder.

They say he is guilty of second degree murder.

Scantling's attorneys argued the murder was not premeditated, as Scantling never planned to kill Palmer.

Prosecutors however, say the shooting was premeditated, and Scantling even shot Palmer three times to make sure he was dead.

They say even though the premeditation period may have been short, Scantling thought about killing Palmer before he pulled the trigger.

"There's never going to be a more clear cut case of premeditated murder than what we have here" said Andy Miller, Benton County prosecutor.

"Despite the fact this is sad and horrible, the state still has to prove what they charged him with, and they have not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there's been any premeditation according to the jury instruction" said Scott Johnson, Scantling's attorney.

In order for the jury to find Scantling guilty of premeditated murder, they must agree that he premeditated the murder for more than a moment in time, and formed a design to kill.

Prosecutors say after Scantling broke into the duplex and while he was attacking his ex-fiance, he noticed Palmer, turned to face him, yelled at him and made a choice to pull the trigger, and that was premeditation.