Richland Murder Suspect Charged with 2nd Degree Murder

<p>Lawrence Miller</p>

Lawrence Miller

The Benton County Coroners Office confirms that a 32-year-old Richland woman died from losing too much blood after being stabbed 30 times.

The suspect is the victim's ex-boyfriend who is now officially charged with 2nd-degree murder

Richland Police found Rebeca Vandeventer dead in her apartment on September 11th after she was stabbed with a steak knife 30 times, 10 wounds to her front, 9 to her back and 11 to the groin.

In an interview with detectives, 34-year-old Lawrence Miller admitted to killing Vendeventer, saying it was because she had a new boyfriend.

He said he stabbed her in the groin so she could not have any sexual pleasure with anyone else.

The killing took place in the apartment where Miller and Vandeventer once lived with Vandeventers 3 children, ages 2, 4 and 8.

Police responded Wednesday night after receiving a call from a neighbor saying the children told her their mother was dead.

While officers were on the scene, they got a call from Miller, who was in the police department's lobby claming to have just killed his girlfriend and wanting to turn himself in.

Prosecutor Andy Miller said the charge could change from 2nd to 1st degree murder if they find proof that the homicide was premeditated.

Authorities said Vandeventer's 3 children did witness part of the crime, they are currently with other family members.