Teachers at CBC learn how iPads can improve education

<p>iPad Class</p>

iPad Class

Teachers at Columbia Basin College are learning how to use their iPads to improve student education this year.

This morning, more than a dozen educators met for a workshop that went over the benefits of using iPads in the classroom.

History professor David Arnold led the workshop.

He showed teachers how they can create quizzes, and provide direct feedback to students through iPad apps.

He also showed teachers how they can record themselves explaining assignments or presentations, and then how to instantly email those to students.

"It's made education more mobile. It's not the answer to everything. Students still have to do the work, they still have to do the reading. And your cell phone often is not the best place to read a really complicated document. But still, to gain access to course materials, sometimes to take quizzes, it's a great medium" said Arnold.

Fall classes at CBC begin next Monday.