Water pipe bursts at Paterson School after Sunday's storm

<p>Paterson School Gym</p>

Paterson School Gym

Cleanup crews in Paterson have been busy all day getting the school there back to normal, after last night's storm caused some water damage in the gym area.

Crews say a water pipe at Paterson School burst Sunday night, causing water to cover parts of the school's carpeted gym, and some of the surrounding hallways.

Administrators say the school lost power during the storm, and when power was restored to the school a few hours later, the fire suppression system inside the building reacted like it needed to put out a fire.

It sent water to the sprinkler systems, which weren't open, and the strong water pressure moving through the pipes in the attic burst a small hole in one of the pipes - causing water to leak into the gym area below.

"We just had water in this area behind me. A little bit went through the doors and out into the hallway. Some got out here on the gym carpet and back in toward the bathrooms, so it was pretty well-contained" said Mike Stearns, Paterson School District maintenance.

Crews had fans out all day, drying the gym floor, getting it back to normal.

The water also damaged some ceiling tiles and left marks on the wood in the attic.

Classes were canceled today because crews needed to repair the fire suppression system.

However, workers finished fixing the system this afternoon, so school will be back to normal Tuesday.