252-Page Complaint Filed Against Two Pasco Council Members

A resident living in the “donut hole” of West Pasco files a complaint with the state attorney general’s office against two Pasco city council members.

Roger Lenk, who has filed lawsuits against the city of Pasco and civil complaints against the Pasco School District, alleges Pasco city council member Saul Martinez and Mayor Pro Tem Rebecca Francik have improperly utilized the city’s email system for personal gain, business gain and for family and other business affairs.

The complaint also alleges Martinez, a former Pasco School District board member, and Francik, who is employed by Pasco School District No. 1, both used school district email accounts to conduct personal business.

In his 252-page complaint, Lenk believes the alleged violations of Information Technology polices maintained by the organizations which they either oversee or are/were employed by require intervention by the State of Washington Attorney General’s Office.