Richland Engineer Receives National Recognition

<p>Scott Butner</p>

Scott Butner

A local engineer who has played a role in helping save the planet receives national recognition today.

The Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award celebrates the successes of innovators in  preventing pollution and increasing sustainability.

The MVP2 Awards take place annually during national pollution prevention week, and Richland's Scott Butner is being honored today.

Butner began his career as a chemical engineer for Pacific Northwest National Labs back in 1984.

For the past 29 years he has been researching pollution prevention and how to get that  information into the hands of businesses.

At a ceremony today in Washington DC, he received the lifetime achievement award for research into pollution prevention     

Butner says back in the 1980s, this field was brand new. He says it's come a long way, but building a bridge between the environment and big business shouldn't be so hard.
"You don't have to pit the environment against the economy. You can work the two together. The work we did saved companies millions of dollars every year by reducing the amount of material that went out thier drain pipes. I'm pretty proud of whatever role I played in that."

He was one of just two people this year to receive the lifetime achievement award at the capitol.

Butner also met with Senator Patty Murray and Representative Doc Hastings today after the awards. He says he plans to continue helping reduce pollution, even though he's retired from his job at PNNL now.