Law Enforcement Leaders Release "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids" Report

Law enforcement leaders with the city and county of Walla Walla say a proposed state-federal early childhood education partnership could lead to fewer prisoners and save millions of dollars each year.

A new report by "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids" show sthat attending pre-school increases chances of graduating, which then reduces chances of being incarcerated.

Law enforcement leaders are urging Congress to allow states the resources they need to create, strengthen and expand quality state preschool to serve low and moderate income children.

Retired prison warden Dick Morgan says inmates have told him that receiving a GED is their best hope for staying out of prison.

Morgan adds, "They would also tell me that they were certain that their lack of education contributed greatly to their ability to make good life choices that eventually wound up leading them to prison."

The proposal would also expand voluntary home visiting programs that can reduce child abuse and neglect by helping young parents understand their children's needs, create safer home environments and develop parenting skills.