2nd Annual Operation Thank You Golf Tournament

<p>Operation Thank You Golf Tournament</p>

Operation Thank You Golf Tournament

It is a beautiful day to honor our troops and what better way to do it than to play some golf.

Operation Thank You is putting on it's 2nd Annual Golf Tournament at Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco to raise money for care packages to send to soldiers overseas.

Each care package cost $34, so Operation Thank You said these fundraisers are important in order to continue sending troops a little piece of home.

A number of veterans, their families and members of the community joined to support the event.

One mother of fallen Prosser Marine Marvin Best, who passed away nine years ago, volunteers with the organization and expresses her gratitude for all those involved.

"Marvin would be delighted that people are carrying on looking after 'his boys' he called them," said Charlotte Best. "All the military were his boys, he said mom 'I'm here to look after that person next to me', he says, 'I will give my life if I have to to save that person,' that's the last phone call that I had with him."

Marvin was a sniper and staff sergeant in the Marine Corps who lost his life when his humvee hit a road bomb in Iraq.     

Charlotte said Marvin would be proud of the communities' hard work and dedication to the country and it's soldiers.