Richland preschoolers use iPads to improve education

<p>Preschoolers Using iPads</p>

Preschoolers Using iPads

It's not uncommon for college and some K - 12 students to use iPads in the classroom for their schoolwork, but some preschoolers in Richland are also using the new technology to improve their education.

13 preschoolers at Badger Mountain Elementary School are using iPads to help better prepare themselves for kindergarten.

Teacher Michelle Fickle says the students aren't learning any new skills on the iPads, she says the tablets are just helping to reinforce the skills the students are already learning in class.

Today, the kids spent about ten minutes playing educational games on the iPads.

The students identify shapes and animals, write and review letters of the alphabet, spell words, and color pictures among other things.

"The fun thing about the iPads is that they're engaging immediately, so the kids don't have to learn how to be engaged with them because they're designed to be engaging. So when it's an iPad day at school, the kids are excited to be able to play the games and they don't really know they're learning because they're playing games while they're doing it" said Fickle.

Fickle has four iPads in her class - groups of students use the tablets at different times during the day.

She says many of her students already have experience with the new technology, because some of their parents have smartphones or tablets at home, so picking up an iPad at school is something they're already used to.