Group Donates Backpacks and Alarm Clocks

<p>Alarm Clocks</p>

Alarm Clocks

Students in the Yakima School District get a unique donation from a local organization.

Members from the Junior League of Yakima donated 15 backpacks and 17 alarm clocks to Robertson Elementary counselor, Cynthia Rinker.

The organization donated the alarm clocks to be given to students throughout the district who have issues with tardiness.

Rinker says she appreciates the unique donation from the Junior League.

"It was suggested, the alarm clocks, because we have quite a few children who are chronically late," said Rinker, "It was really exciting that the ladies of the Junior League jumped on it and helped us out. "

"It's nice to get a backpack from your counselor when your [old] Backpack rips, because they cost a lot of money," said fourth grader Promise Brown.

Last year, the Junior League of Yakima made a similar donation to the Wapato School District.