Sheriff's Office & Umatilla Co. Issue Crime Property Notice on Hermiston Home

The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office and the Umatilla County Counsel in cooperation with the Hermiston Police Department issued a Potential Crime Property Notice for 1735 NE 2nd Street in Hermiston on Monday.

Within the past few months, this location has been the source of several arrests, and numerous crimes involving thefts, stolen vehicles, weapons and other property, and drug activity.

According to the Umatilla County Code of Ordinances, properties that have been the repeated site of designated criminal activities and/or nuisance activity can be considered a “Crime Property”. The property owner is then responsible for abating the problems or face penalties, including the closure of the property. While this particular address is in the county by boundary, is surrounded by city property. As such, HPD graciously responded to complaints at the property several times. Once their hard work allowed us to meet the criteria that are required for the crime property designation, Umatilla County took action. UCSO will continue to work with our law enforcement and community partners on issues like this, and will actively pursue all crime properties in Umatilla County.