The Rally for Affordable Health Care

<p>Health Screenings</p>

Health Screenings

The local Coalition for Affordable Health Care is hosting a rally tomorrow at Howard Amon Park in Richland  to inform people on how to sign up for health insurance.

As the first day to register under the Affordable Care Act approaches and with nearly 45,000 people in Benton and Franklin counties without health insurance, the Community Health Alliance wants people to be educated and prepared.

The alliance says it will have information about available plans and how rates are determined.

One major concern in the community is whether or not there is a medical capacity to take on all the extra patients.

The health alliance says the hospitals are prepared.

"Health insurance has become so unaffordable, so people are then delaying care and they go to the emergency room and get a big bill that they can't afford, which then drives up the cost of insurance for people who do have insurance to help cover those people that don't have insurance. It's a vicious cycle," said Community Health Alliance Director Carol Moser.

The event is tomorrow afternoon from 2p.m. to 5p.m.

Professionals will be available to guide people through the process but no one will be able to sign up just yet.

Enrollment begins October 1st and go through the end of March.

The plan will begin January 1st.