Finding His Voice

<p>Zach Hinson</p>

Zach Hinson

At 21, Zach Hinson is a recognizable face in Yakima, performing at local functions, and getting thousands of hits on his music webpage.

Earlier this year, he added another notch to his resume -- a contestant on NBC's The Voice.

Hinson says he was contacted by the show last year, and asked to audition in Seattle.

"[I thought] You know what, I might as well do it," said Hinson, "It's better to go out and do it and fail, rather than to not do it at all."

From there, Hinson traveled to Los Angeles, where he performed a blind audition for the judges.

By contract, Hinson isn't allowed to speak beyond the blind auditions, however, he does hint at some experience he's taken away so far.

"As far as what I look like on stage, or how I act like on stage, or the songs I play or the songs I write; it's really helped me define that and take a really close look at that," said Hinson.

Hinson says he's received a large amount of support from friends, family and fans since returning home.

In fact, his Facebook and music pages have grown by the hundreds in the past week.

"That's kind of the good part of being home when all this is being aired; is being able to feel that hometown vibe, like I know who's got my back," said Hinson.

And while Hinson says he can't say much about the results until next week, his scheduled tv debut, he does say the experience will help him grow as an aspiring country artist.

"Getting into it, I think it's going to be fun," said Hinson, "What I get out of it will be really enjoyable."