Rotary Members and PTSA Parents Donate New Playground

<p>Nob Hill Elementary Playground</p>

Nob Hill Elementary Playground

Yakima Rotary members and volunteers have their hands full today while they work to piece together a brand new playground set.

The set is being donated to Nob Hill Elementary.

Members from the Yakima PTSA raised over $40,000 to help pay for the equipment and crews to help put it together.

PTSA members say the plyground has been in the works for a few years, and wanted to make sure the equipment would help prevent any serious injuries.

"Knowing that kids need to be outside, they need to have challenges, but safe challenges," said PTSA parent ,Camille Becker, "Really, it's for the kids, for them to have a place to play in a safe area."

Volunteers say the playground should be finished and ready for the students in a few days.