Central WA Fair Numbers Down This Year

The Central Washington State Fair wraps up this weekend and fair planners say this year drew a smaller crowd than last year.

This' year's attendance was just over 269,000, compared to 300,000 last year.

Planners say the unusually cold and wet weather contributed to that decline in numbers.

Fair spokesperson Rob Phillips says he hasn't seen weather this bad in the 30 years he's worked with the fair.

"For the last week in September, it's traditionally 75 degrees and sunny and warm and nice," said Phillips, "That's one of the reasons we have the fair during that time period because traditionally it's pretty good weather. But if you do it long enough, you're going to hit some of these times when the weather is just not cooperating."

Over 40,000 people came out to the fair on the final Saturday, and another 33,000 came through the gates yesterday.