Man Sentenced 40 Years for Double Murder

<p>Lameiro Flores</p>

Lameiro Flores

Lameiro Flores sat still as Judge Ruth Reukauf handed him a forty year sentence.

Flores plead guilty to killing Jobany Martinez and Jose Avilez at the Naches River in August of last year.

The plea came just a few hours after jury selection started for his trial last week.

As part of the plea, prosecutors dropped an attempted murder and weapon enhancement charge.

Neighbors spoke before the judge to offer their condolences for the victims and their shock that Flores would be capable of an act.

"[given the] Circumstances, yes, Lameiro was a good kid," said John Moreau, "He's never been in trouble. This is first kind of trouble he's been into."

The victims' family members also shared their opinions on the plea, asking for a longer sentence, however, Judge Reukauf maintained the reccommended time and offered a few words of advice to the family and the victims children.

"It starts with the families to make sure that no other family members of these two gentlemen follow in those footsteps with gang-types," said Reukauf, "Because if they do, unfortunately I believe the statistics will show that this will not be the last heartbreak the family will experience."

Prosecutors say Flores could have faced about 80 years in prison had the case gone to trial, and was convicted.