Stolen Base

<p>Christa Cline</p>

Christa Cline

The Mariners finished another truly forgettable season yesterday, twenty games under .500 -- but that doesn't matter to a Yakima girl who got the make the steal of a lifetime -- literally!

10 year old Christa Cline got the chance to run out during the game yesterday, pick up second base, and take it home with her.

Christa and her dad randall were initially at the game to celebrate her birthday, however, they were stopped and asked by a marketing team member if they wanted to take part in the event during the bottom of the 5th.

"The guy who was announcing all the stuff said "okay Crista, are you ready, set, go," then I took off and went to second base and grabbed it, ran back and [Michael] Saunders was clapping for me," said Crista, "That was cool."

Crista says she wants to hang the plate in her room, for now, it's a bed for her stuffed animals.