Local High School and Middle Teams Win Regional Competition for Best Prosthetic Arm

<p>Courtesy: Bechtel</p>

Courtesy: Bechtel


Teenagers from schools all over the region compete in a challenge too see which group made the best prosthetic arm design as far as efficiency and comfortability.

Team #11 from Chiawana High School and Team #1 from Mcloughlin Middle School won the competition.

The competition took place at Washington State University Tri-Cities where 55 teams of middle and high school students in the Mathematics, Engineering, Sciene Achievement Program, also known as MESA, showed off their projects that they have been working for the school year.

The prosthetic arm had to pass a few tests, that included throwing balls into a bucket, as well as object relocation and dexterity.

The winning team will head to state competition on May 16th in Redmond.