Four Suspects Arrested on Suspicion of Arson in Franklin County

<p>Arthur Johnson</p>

Arthur Johnson

<p>Teresa Farris</p>

Teresa Farris

<p>Nicole Monk</p>

Nicole Monk

<p>Eli Johnson</p>

Eli Johnson

Franklin County Sheriff deputies arrest four suspects on suspicion of arson for their alleged connection to a series of grass cover and haystack fires this past weekend.

The fires were in North Franklin County on Eltopia West and Blanton Roads.

Arrested were 36-year-old Arthur Johnson and 33-year-old Teresa Farris, both of Othello.

Also arrested were 36-year-old Nicole Monk and 25-year-old Eli Johnson, both of Eltopia.

As part of the investigation, the Sheriff's Office will also be looking into the possible connection of multiple arsons occurring last July.