Cheese Flan

Fiesta Foods


1 Can carnation milk
1 can condense milk
5 whole eggs
8 yellow cheese sandwich slices
1 spoon imitation vanilla
1 cup of sugar


Melt the sugar in pot consistently stirring at med high temp. Once the sugar is melted put it in the baking pan.
Blend the rest of the ingredients together pour the mix on top of the caramel.
Cover it with aluminum foil; place it in a larger pan and put three cups of water cover the whole thing with aluminum foil again.
Put it on the stove in a low temp for 45 min.
The way you will know that is ready … introduce a knife, if comes out clean is ready. If not let it cooks a little longer just make sure still have water in the larger pan. Let it cool down in the refrigerator. Serve cold.