Hefeweizen Poached Halibut

Chris Van Hoorelbeke with Crazy Moose Casino


 4, 6 oz. Halibut
 1, 12 oz. Bottle Hefeweizen
 1 Tbsp. Sugar
 2 Tbsp. Sweet Cream Butter
 1 Lemon
 Salt and Pepper


In a Large Skillet, add 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil.
Season Both Sides of Halibut with Salt and Pepper.
Sear Flesh Side for about 1 min on Med-High Heat Then Flip Halibut, Deglaze Pan with 12oz. beer
Add sugar and lemon juice.
Let boil for about four minutes.
Remove halibut and set aside.
Continue to reduce beer to a syrup like consistency.
Turn heat off and add butter mixing constantly.
Pour Sauce over Halibut and Serve.