Veggies in a Blanket

Nancy Lyons- Instuctor for the "Food for Life" Classes


1 cup low-fat hummus or bean spread or make your own see recipe below
8 whole wheat tortillas
4 carrots, grated
8 lettuce leaves, 1 cup baby spinach, or 5 ounces alfalfa or bean sprouts

Variation: Add thin sticks of cucumber or red bell pepper before rolling. Squeeze a dash of lemon juice into the wrap to add a tangy flavor.


This party food is simple to prepare. It can be made with your favorite bean spread and fresh vegetables, and kids just love them. Take a whole wrap as a to-go lunch—it’s filling and loaded with cancer-fighting fiber and many health-promoting nutrients.


Spread the hummus thinly on the tortillas. Add the carrots and lettuce. Roll up each tortilla. If you want bite-size pieces, secure with five evenly placed toothpicks and slice into five individual rolls per tortilla.

Serve Veggies in a Blanket immediately or cover tightly and store in the refrigerator for several hours. Prior to serving, bring the rolls to room temperature for the best flavor. Do not store the rolls longer than one day, as the tortillas and lettuce will become soggy.