Balsamic BBQ Chicken with Roasted Corn Relish

Chef Chris Van Hoorelbeke


4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
2 ears of Sweet Corn
½ tsp. Minced Jalapeno
½ red onion
½ red bell pepper
1 cup Balsamic Vinegar
½ cup sugar
1 Tbsp. Chopped Parsley or Cilantro
Salt and Pepper


On grill Roast shucked Corn and bell pepper until golden, Strip corn off the cob and peel pepper and dice onion and pepper. Set aside. In small saucepan add balsamic vinegar and sugar until reduced by three quarters let chill should be syrup like consistency. Add remaining ingredients and half of the vinegar reduction, season with salt and pepper. Season Chicken with Salt and Pepper and grill, glaze chicken with vinegar reduction right be fore taking off the grill top with Corn relish and drizzle with vinegar reduction. Enjoy.