Elk chili with frizzled pepper & sweet Onions

Legends Casino


o Canola oil - coat pan - ¼ cup
o Diced onion & crushed garlic - ¼ cup of each
o Ground or diced elk - 1 pound
o Tomato stock or juice - 16oz (Zesty V-8 for a good kick)
o Red beans cooked & drained - 2 cups
o Green chilies canned & diced - 1cup
o Diced fresh tomato - 1cup
o Beef bouillon - ¼ cup - granulated or cubes
o Chili powder (your preference of light or dark) - ¼ cup


o Heat skillet
o Simmer for 1hour & serve with your favorite side of Fry bread, corn bread, or tortillas.